Monday, May 10, 2010

A New Father's Mother's day Poem

Watching my wife with our first son start from zero,

I'm starting to understand, every mom is a hero

Babies show up with a bang and a boom and some groans,

yet mother's embrace birth with grace … and weird hormones

Once a baby shows up, it needs constant attention,

which Mothers take on with a little apprehension

They're scared that they won't get it all right,

but push on anyways, usually late into the night.

They lose the ability to think about anything other than breastfeeding,

forget about TV, baking, exercise or garden weeding.

And then there's those crazy baby bodily functions.

I watch on and think "Is there a malfunction"?

Pee and poop and puke and drool,

all over those *little* clothes that are so cute and so cool

I stop to think, "was I ever this way?

Helpless and crying and in need of a toupee?"

But Mothers see so much more than the trouble!

They see love, giggles, toys and soap bubbles!

Moms' love comes from some crazy endless love pit

So thank you, I love you! (oops, let's clean up some spit)

One thing I almost missed, my Mom's a Mom too,

that's two Moms to deal with, oh no, what to do!

So I wrote this poem, 'twas late by one day,

My solution: TWO mothers days, they deserve 182.5 times that anyway!


Lola said...

i love it!


pakiboy said...

great blog :)

Ashton said...

Beautiful, funny and clever. Nicely done.

JohnnyD said...

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Emily K said...

That is a great poem! did you make that up? its beautiful... it would make my mom cry lol

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