Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't clean your lint tray

I used to be an apartment dweller, and there was a sign at the dryers in the basement that said
"Empty the lint tray when load is done!!!"
Seems like the courteous and fair thing to do, empty out the lint you made. (The triple exclamation marks emphasized just how important an issue this was ... made me feel like there was a cop watching me when I did the laundry)

The problem is, not everybody does it. When a courteous person arrives at a dryer where the lint HASN'T been emptied, then they have to empty it twice, once for the guy before them, and once for themselves.

The only people this system words for is the guys who don't empty their own lint tray. That doesn't seem very fair to me.

We should all come together and agree that NOBODY empties their own lint tray, just empty it when you arrive. That way, everybody only has to empty the lint tray once.

The guys who don't empty the lint tray only have themselves to blame when they get lint-filled laundry.

Who's with me?

Also applies to:
  • Milk bags
  • Toilet seats in a men only environment, such as a dorm.
Definitely does NOT apply to:
  • Dishes
  • Golf turf divets
  • Garbage on tables in fast food restaurants

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