Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Mac User: Day 1

After a year of internal debate, I finally jumped ship to a Mac yesterday. I ended up with a Macbook. After my first day, here are a former PC-er's first impressions:

The Good
  • An amoeba could set up a wireless network connection
  • It's shiny
  • Mac's way of selecting from all your open windows (expose) is WAY better than Vista's fancy but useless cascading windows feature
  • Really easy to set up my bluetooth devices
  • Configuring the system is fun and straightforward (there's no "Apply" button)
  • Built in apps are much much much better than their built in windows equivalents (mail vs. outlook express, itunes vs. media player, imovie vs. movie maker, iphoto vs. windows file system, dashboard vs. MS widgits, spotight vs. buried search)
  • Macs extra apps are nifty (garageband & photobooth are fun, calendar can import web calendars, time machine is much more than a "backup" program)
  • Surprise surprise, MS Messenger IS available on the Mac
The Bad
  • The keyboard isn't quite responsive enough
  • Macbook pro get's REALLY hot
  • Right clicking doesn't work until you change your system preferences
  • You can only resize your windows with the bottom right-hand corner of the window
  • Safari browser... Why bother when there's Firefox?
The Confusing
  • File menus show up at the top of the screen, not the app. I couldn't figure out how to find the settings on any of my apps for the first two hours of ownership.
  • What's with the "squiggly key"?
  • File system looks like my iPod... weird.
  • .dmg files vs. .exe files and "Mounting" programs as devices instead of installing them
  • My regularly used shortcut and navigation keys are all different
As "easy" as the mac is purported to be... it definitely takes some getting used to for someone born and bred with a PC, but it is fun. It's kind of like learning to ride a bike again. I'm sure I'll have it figured out soon.

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